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Are you planning to visit Australia? Consider the following tips for choosing the best chauffeur cars and services in the country written by: tin.tin Australia is the leading tourism and economic hub within the southern hemisphere. Many people visit this country each year to expand their business horizons or simply enjoy the magnificent weather. However, if you are not familiar with the country’s cities and streets then it’s advisable to hire a professional chauffeur. These are skilled and knowledgeable drivers employed to offer private transport services to people who are visiting the nation for the first time, they usually drive luxury cars like the limousine or large sedans. Originally, most chauffeurs operated as personal servants to rich people but nowadays they are hired by Australian motor service companies.

Business Class Travel Plans

As the name suggests, this mode of transport is suitable for corporate individuals who operate on busy schedules and need to attend business meetings in tight schedules. Chauffeurs who offer this service can widely be found in Sydney. Most of them are conversant with the city streets and may occasionally use alternative routes when caught in traffic. As such, clients can reach their preferred destinations on time despite congestion in the major highways.

Quick transfers are also available from the airport to hotel at affordable rates. However, those who have goods may be required to pay for them separately with prices varying from one service provider to another based on kilo measurements. Some drivers also offer inter-city transport for travellers interested in moving from the capital city to adjacent metropolises such as Perth.

In the modern age of internet technology, one can safely book chauffeur services from their homeland prior to travelling. Payments can also be processed online so that the client can find everything ready once he sets foot in Australia. Nonetheless, companies have different policies when it comes to making these virtual arrangements, for instance some firms have a set time-limit in which one should make their payments or else it would not be recognised. This could be as much as 48hrs before final departure.

Moreover, 1st Class customers would be provided with custom Mercedes vehicles that ensure maximum luxury and style. Note that excess charges may apply in case the mileage limit rate is exceeded. Clients are also advised to keep time when using chauffeur services. Drivers can wait for delayed passengers but only up to a certain period which in most cases is 15 minutes.

Luxury holiday chauffeur services

Visitors can make their Australian vacations more memorable by adding a private car rental to the overall arrangements. The vehicle can be used to visit panoramic tourist attractions in places like Melbourne, moreover there’s a wide variety of exclusive automobiles that can be hired based on one’s budget capacity. All vehicles are routinely serviced and maintained to improve comfort, fuel efficiency and reduce the chances of breaking down while in use. The high performance cars which Australian chauffeurs drive are true head-turners, the pride and delight of lounging in one of these exclusive vehicles is simply unparalleled. Before contacting any transport firm, first check whether there are any exclusive offers, for instance some Chauffeur companies provide daily extra mileage and allowances for a few selected cars without incurring any extra charges.

Australia also has a high number of private transport dealers that offer amazing discounts on all Breakdown Covers. Furthermore, repeat customers can enjoy as much as 10% price reduction when they use the company’s services routinely. Regular customers would also enjoy expedient sign in policies adopted by service providers, where they don’t have to scrutinize and fill up tedious paperwork before accessing a driver. Only one basic requirement is needed and that’s the client’s official signature, official company representatives would complete any other existent formalities. Some of the most prestigious vehicles driven by hired drivers include Range Rover, Jaguar, Audi, BMW and Bentley amongst others.

Furthermore, some rental cars are fitted with automated GPRS sensors that help drivers pinpoint their specific location even when moving through crowded streets. Most cars are fully insured by the owners, meaning that clients would fully be compensated for personal injury or loss of property due to unprecedented road calamities, though such incidents rarely occur. Even so, it’s recommendable for passengers to identify and use appropriate legal representation when needs be. This ensures that the client gets a holistic claim compensation to protect their specific interests.

Some chauffeur firms provide comprehensive Accident Management services, where clients have free and unlimited access to legal advice in case of any unforeseen traffic carnage. Once it’s been determined whether the affected passenger is entitled to launch a compensation claim, an in-house body injury attorney would immediately begin working the cases. Before boarding any exclusive transport vehicle always ensure that it has been insured for your own personal safety.

Tips for saving cash on luxury car rentals

Most transport service providers pass down the costs of operation to their customers, factors like taxation and fuel requirements can definitely push the prices to an all-time-high. Nevertheless, there are several ways that one can reduce the overall cost of transport. A family can use one car for all their travelling needs instead of each member renting out a different automobile for minor errands.

Moreover, it’s advisable to book these services in advance whenever possible before the peak summer season begins. Due to the high demand experienced during this period, chauffeur companies tend to hike their prices in a bid to make more money. Other useful tidbits are:
1. Go for a cheaper vehicle
There are certain auto rental sites in Australia that list cars with prefixed hire prices. These official figures are posted online so that customers can easily choose the package that’s affordable to them, all that one needs to do is peruse through the pages and identify the most affordable chauffeur option. As a budget-conscious client, you definitely can’t afford to be fussy about the car model when your main goal is cutting down on rental expenses. Inexpensive vehicles may necessarily not be trendy or fashionable as you may have wanted, but would definitely save your pockets from burning.

2. Conduct an online price comparison research
It’s not appropriate to use the very first company that you find online without browsing through related websites to see what packages they also have on offer. This is the best way to save money on chauffeur services since one has a variety of options to choose from. Car booking can also be done from the same portal though clients are advised to avoid abrupt cancellations; this is because the rental firm may deduct a small amount for this inconvenience.

3. Consider using off-airport auto rentals
Some auto companies found in places such as Brisbane have offices within the airport since this makes it easier for foreign visitors to make their bookings. However, it’s highly recommended to consider using companies that don’t have offices in the airstrip as their services are much cheaper. Apart from online, you can find affordable chauffeurs in common places like the local bus station or subway.

Qualities of competent chauffeur services in Australia.

Luxury car drivers in the country vary a lot in terms of conduct, experience and qualifications. In places like Adelaide the professionals are categorized based on how well they treat their clients, other features to look out for include:

a) Ability to answer customer calls. The car hire company should respond to any transport-related queries without discrimination. Nowadays, most travel arrangements are done through phone and you definitely want a company that is ready to discuss with you about the available chauffeur quotes. As a new customer, you should feel comfortable chatting with the help desk team. They should not treat you as an unnecessary interruption but rather take their time to offer assistance.

b) Ability to provide an estimate cost beforehand upon special request

c) Technology. The private transport company should incorporate modern communication strategies in their cars such as email and video chats, this helps clients to freely interact with friends, family or collogues while on the go.

d) Punctuality. A good driver should arrive at least 15 minutes earlier from the time that he is called by the client.

e) Should not overcharge the client. Billing should be upfront with no hidden costs meant to exploit the passenger. Some service providers bill credit card journeys and file weekly invoices of the same. They also accept credit card payments and have official customer accounts.

f) Constant follow-up. A representative from the company should periodically be in contact with passengers, inquiring about their experiences or simply thanking them for using the company’s services. This can make a customer feel appreciated and he would definitely not mind using the same luxury transport firm over again.

While many firms may boast about the variety of vehicles they have with them, in reality it’s the staff’s hospitality that makes all the difference. It requires proper knowledge and research to find the best chauffeur cars and services in Australia.

Training and dress code

Hughes Limousine chauffeurs undergo extensive training to polish their skills before being accepted to work for the company. The tutorial courses may involve defensive or evasive driving techniques, including ways of ensuring passenger safety when faced with calamities such as extreme weather conditions. These professionals also learn how to maintain proper etiquette when interacting with the clientele. Apart from being drivers, they should as well maintain high levels of professionalism while on duty.

Furthermore, the specialist can be trained to act as a bodyguard and protect the passenger when attacked by burglars while driving. The job description of a chauffeur is much more extensive than that of a typical motorist. Before taking control of the driver’s seat, most Australian limo companies ensure that their professionals undergo thorough drug screening to check whether they are sober. Only those with sufficient mental clarity are allowed to drive the luxury cars.

Chauffeurs are also required to maintain a standard dress code that highlights their physical presence in a positive way, this usually includes a crispy black tuxedo or suit and a matching tie with decent leather hand-gloves matching the freshly polished shoes. Different companies have their own standards on how these experts should dress; some even require them to wear hats which form part of the overall uniform. Quality chauffeur cars and services in Australia can help you enjoy some peace of mind while touring this amazing country.

The legal necessities for one to become a chauffeur may vary from one metropolis to another based on specific by-laws, the class of car one is driving also influences these requirements. In some instances, just a basic permit would do while in others a professional license would be required with certain minimum standards on factors like age, criminal record, experience and indigenous geographic knowledge. In conclusion, always prefer a chauffeur who knows several languages so that he can translate when needs be. It’s also important that they have basic first aid at their fingertips for any emergency that may occur. When hiring new drivers always beware of those who purport to have attended special training schools, most Australian chauffeur service providers prefer mentoring their motorists at no cost at all, all that’s needed is a clean criminal background check and past driving records.