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When you think about the Chauffeur industry in Australia, the name Hughes generally comes to mind.

Hughes has come a long way since their inception in 1904 in Melbourne, when a horse-drawn Chauffeur service was considered the epitome of style and status.

While some things haven’t changed – Hughes is still synonymous with style and status – the modernisation of their extensive fleet of over 800 vehicles is fast becoming electrified.

Equity Transport Group – the parent company of Hughes Australia – has always been driven towards minimising their environmental impact by looking to global leaders in mobility for inspiration, and has had electric and Hybrid vehicles on their fleet since 2016 – mostly consisting of Tesla’s and Hybrid Lexus’.

However, the introduction of the new full electric Mercedes-Benz EQE & EQS series to the fleet is bringing their EV range to a whole new standard of comfort and style.

Regional Service Delivery Manager John Khoury explains “True to the standard of Mercedes-Benz, these vehicles provide way more leg room, a noticeable increase in head space, not to mention larger boot space. Overall it’s a much smoother and more comfortable ride than the other EV’s on our fleet and in the Australian marketplace.”

It isn’t often we associate high-end private transport and travel to environmental awareness and sustainability, but that no longer needs to be the case and Hughes is at the forefront of this shift in perception.

“Environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions is extremely important to us at Equity Transport Group, and we’re seeing it is becoming increasingly important to our customers, which is why we are dedicated to keeping our fleet up to date with the cutting edge of sustainability, whether that be EV’s or new technology that is currently in development.” Says Equity Transport Group’s CEO Kent Joseph.


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