Melbourne Airport to St Kilda

Journey: Melbourne Airport to St Kilda

St Kilda is one of Melbourne’s most well-known suburbs, and for good reason. It is home to a wide number of cultural, historical, and recreational attractions. It’s no surprise, then, that lots of travellers find themselves going from Melbourne airport to St Kilda every day. But in terms of making that journey, what are the options? There are actually quite a few ways of getting from Melbourne airport to St Kilda, including many forms of public transport. However, the best option by far is a Hughes transfer. At Hughes, we take pride in offering the most complete transport solutions, for the most affordable prices. Our drivers are professionally trained chauffeurs, and our vehicles come from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. That means, for an affordable price, you get the best in comfort and service.

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Executive Sedan

Modern, sophisticated and comprehensively equipped luxury vehicles. The perfect combination of value and style.

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Premium Sedan

Big on style and performance, we have some of the world’s truly great sedans including BMW, Mercedes and Audi luxury models.

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Premium SUV

Smooth & luxurious. The Audi Q7 is where sporty and elegant styling combine to create a vehicle of impeccable style with the luggage space that no sedan can match.

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Luxury People Mover

Our luxury people movers include the Mercedes V Class and Viano with features normally associated with premium sedans. Room for 7 passengers and a luggage trailer.

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Luxury Minibus

Ready for your executive, family or group requirements. These multi-purpose vehicles include the Mercedes Sprinter and combine comfort, space and style.

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Small Coach

Perfect for groups up to 21 people, our luxury small coaches are a new way to experience group travel. Enjoy luxurious leather seating with plenty of space.

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St Kilda to Melbourne airport: All the information you need to know

Before making any journey, it pays to have a clear idea of what you’re in for. At Hughes, we understand that not everyone is familiar with the trip from Melbourne airport to St Kilda. That’s why we’ve put together a list of information that might help you plan your journey.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel times from Melbourne airport to St Kilda and back again

The cornerstone of any good plan is timing. And getting your timing right is hard when you don’t know how long your trip will take. To alleviate that problem, we’ve put together our best estimates of travel times from Melbourne airport to St Kilda. Generally, the trip takes about 45 minutes. However, when the roads are busy with commuters, it can take a little longer.

Peak Hour Travel Time:

Airport to St Kilda – 50 minutes
St Kilda to airport – 50 minutes

Off-Peak Travel Time:

Airport to St Kilda – 40 minutes
St Kilda to airport – 40 minutes

Melbourne airport: Finding your way around the terminals

Melbourne airport is big, to say the least! It has four terminals, each hosting a number of carriers. Those terminals vary in terms of their destinations, too, with terminal two being dedicated to international flights only. To some who might not travel frequently, the idea of four terminals could feel a little overwhelming.

But, luckily, Melbourne airport has all the facilities necessary to accommodate hassle-free travel. There are free waiting zones, for those who are collecting passengers, as well as abundant drop off spaces at the forecourt of each terminal. In addition to that, there’s plenty in the way of car parks for short and long term travellers. Then, to top it all off, there are the 1, 10, and 20 minute waiting zones. With all those spaces on offer, you needn’t worry about arriving a little early!

St Kilda: Here’s what there is to do and see before you go back to Melbourne airport

St Kilda is certainly one of Melbourne’s better-known suburbs. It has a great deal on offer, from beaches, to historical sites, to cultural attractions, and everything in between. Among those attractions are the iconic Esplanade Hotel – one of Australia’s premier pubs and live music venues. To add to the rich cultural fabric of the vibrant suburb, there’s also the St Kilda festival. Interestingly, St Kilda is interspersed with commercial, residential, and recreational buildings. The result is an enticing, vibrant community that is well worth a visit. To see it all in comfort, book a transfer from Melbourne airport to St Kilda with Hughes.

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Other Transport Options

Other transport options from Melbourne airport to St Kilda

Of course, there are plenty of transport options servicing Melbourne airport. Before choosing a form of transport from Melbourne airport to St Kilda, it might be useful to know how to get from St Kilda to the city. Generally, taxis and rideshares are the most popular form of airport transport in this regard. However, they don’t always offer the service that you might want. Below, we’ve listed some of your options.

Taxis from Melbourne airport to St Kilda

Taxis offer convenience, and that is why they are among the most popular options when it comes to getting from Melbourne airport to St Kilda. However, taxis have their drawbacks too. Most notably, there is the problem of inconsistent service. When you catch a taxi, there is often no guarantee of the kind of service you will receive and also the wait. When you arrive at Melbourne airport, you’ll be in the company of thousands of other passengers – most of whom will be looking to catch a taxi. As a result, it’s easy to find yourself stuck at the end of a very long queue. With Hughes, though, there’s no chance of that!

Rideshare from Melbourne airport to St Kilda

Rideshares have emerged as a strong contender to taxis. They are prevalent around Melbourne airport, too. However, rideshares face many of the same issues as taxis. The driver rating does ensure that service is a little more consistent, but there is still the problem of service congestion. That often occurs when large volumes of passengers try to access ride share services at once, in the same area. Our advice: avoid the wait. Booking with Hughes gives you certainty; you know that there’s a car waiting for you when you arrive. The last thing you want after a long flight is a long wait! With Hughes, you can set your pick up place, and your destination well in advance. With everything organised and paid for, you simply need to step out of the terminal to meet us.