Journey: Melbourne Airport to Preston

Preston is one of Melbourne’s better known northern suburbs, and it lies about nine kilometres north of the Melbourne CBD. Getting there from Melbourne Airport is easy, thanks to the abundance of public transport running between both locations. However, the best transport is always private and that’s something we offer at Hughes. Our private transfers are affordable, fast, comfortable, and reliable, which means less time spent waiting on buses or taxis.

Our services are also door to door, so you won’t be left to span the distance between the last bus stop and your endpoint on foot. No matter what time of day or night your flight arrives or departs, you can rest assured that our drivers will be on time everytime, making sure you don’t need to spend a second longer in transit than you have to.

Our Fleet

Whether you are looking for a luxury limousine or premium sedan experience or want to move a large group easily and in comfort, Hughes can help. We have vehicle options for 1 – 61 passengers and an extensive fleet to accommodate all your transport needs.

Not sure what vehicle’s suit your needs? Contact our friendly team on 1300 615 165 or [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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Executive Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our executive sedans are well-appointed for your comfort.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our premium sedans include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium SUVs

Perfect for 1- 3 passengers with up to 5 suitcases, our premium SUVs include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

5 Suitcases

3 Small Bags

People Movers

Perfect for up to 6 passengers with standard luggage, our people movers are luxurious and roomy, with ergonomic design for your comfort.

6 Passengers

6 Suitcases

4 Small Bags

Luxury Minibuses

Perfect for up 9 - 14 passengers with a trailer option for additional luggage, our Mercedes Sprinter minibuses are a luxurious option for groups.

9 - 14 Passengers

Small Coach

Perfect for up 21 - 54 passengers with standard luggage with a trailer option for additional luggage, our air-conditioned, luxury coaches are a great option for larger groups.

21 - 54 Passengers

Trip time

Despite its location, Preston is quite accessible from the airport, with an average travel time of just 35 minutes. However, Melbourne is a city in which traffic conditions can change rapidly, and, during peak hour, that often happens. As hundreds of thousands of commuters flock to the roads, trains, buses, and bikeways, congestion can occur and cause minor delays.

Fortunately, the world’s most liveable city is well-equipped to handle the morning and evening influx of commuters. As a result, you can expect only minor delays of around ten minutes during peak hour. If you’re lucky enough to arrive during an off peak period, then your trip from Melbourne Airport to Preston may well take less than half an hour.

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport has four terminals to accommodate the massive number of travellers passing through each week. The first terminal is dedicated to the domestic and regional services run by Qantas, and it has departures leaving from the first floor, and arrivals passing through the ground floor. The second terminal is the international terminal, which is home to over twenty gates. Terminal three is home to Virgin Australia, as well as REX flights.  It has a lounge for both carriers, and a number of food and shopping options.

Terminal four was originally called the domestic express terminal, and is dedicated to budget domestic airlines. All four terminals are well catered for in terms of parking, with abundant parking within walking distance of each one. If you book with Hughes, though, you won’t need to worry about that. We will drop you at the closest point to the terminal, to ensure that you have little ground to cover.


Preston is an inner-suburb of Melbourne, with a rich history and a vibrant local scene. It came to prominence almost two hundred years ago, during the mid nineteenth century, and has since expanded into the modern urban area that it now is. It currently boasts an active artistic community, and has seen an explosion of dining along the newly revamped High Street. To see it all, and more, simply book with Hughes. We can take you to any location in and around Preston, and we can take you from Preston to Melbourne Airport when your trip concludes.