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Brisbane is a vibrant and exciting city, with a bustling and accessible city centre, diverse nightlife and a plethora of sightseeing opportunities.

Brisbane is also one of Australia’s fastest growing cities and unfortunately, this has placed considerable strain on the city’s public transport and road networks. Heavy traffic is commonplace and peak hour reduces traffic to a standstill on a daily basis. When you couple this with buses that are frequently late and an arguably substandard train network, it becomes quite challenging to travel within the city in a timely and efficient manner. In an effort to address this issue, Hughes offer a wide variety of limousine services throughout Brisbane that strive to combine practicality, style, comfort and convenience, to ensure that you can get the most out of your trip to Brisbane – whether you are visiting for work, leisure or just stopping over.

At Hughes, our priority is simple: to provide our customers with efficient, reliable and luxurious transport. To achieve this, we offer world-class chauffeurs and a fleet of premium and luxury vehicles that will have you travelling first class throughout the city. Each of our chauffeurs is local to the Brisbane area and as a result, they all possess an unrivalled wealth of local knowledge, and will take you to your destination via the quickest, most direct route possible. Additionally, they can offer you a local’s insight into some of Brisbane’s most prominent features, should you be curious about some of the city’s attractions and the history behind them. To further enhance your experience, we offer a variety of immaculately maintained and well-presented vehicles, ranging from luxury European cars, to premium iconic Holden vehicles; simply choose one that suits your personal tastes and budget.

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At Hughes, we strive to deliver service that is unrivalled in quality, reliability and affordability. We offer world class chauffeurs – presented in traditional chauffeur uniforms – and a fleet of vehicles that is sure to have you travelling in luxury, style and comfort. Because our chauffeurs are individually selected locals, they posses a great deal of local knowledge and, if you desire, can take you on a guided sightseeing tour of Brisbane and its many attractions. Our drivers are well acquainted with the streets of Brisbane and can navigate its most complex roads with ease, meaning that you will spend more time exploring and less time stuck in traffic or lost in the city. With a limousine from Hughes, you will see Brisbane on your terms, with full control over where you go and what you do there. A limousine from Hughes offers more than just sightseeing however; we provide some of the most reliable, comfortable and stylish transport in Brisbane. Our fleet of premium and luxury vehicles are maintained in accordance with the strict guidelines outlined by the manufacture and we make sure that they are detailed to perfection, inside and out, before they are sent to collect you.

At Hughes, our limousines can be hired for whatever purposes you require – whether you are in Brisbane for business, a holiday or anything in between. For businesspeople in Brisbane, we offer reliable transport that is sure to deliver you to important meetings, appointments or conferences on time, in style and in comfort. The last thing that you would want to encounter is bad traffic, expensive parking or indeed no parking at all; we understand the importance of punctuality in a business context and will ensure that you arrive precisely on time, every time. The punctuality and precision of our services extend to holidaymakers too. The stress of navigating an unfamiliar city is something that you certainly do not need on holidays and we endeavour to ensure that you see Brisbane in comfort and style, with our reliable limousine services. The benefits of a limousine from

Hughes include:

  • Courteous, discreet and well-presented drivers
  • World-class chauffeurs with a detailed knowledge of Brisbane
  • An unrivalled variety of luxury and premium vehicles to suit anyone’s needs
  • The most competitive rates in Brisbane

The diversity of Brisbane’s attractions is remarkable and to see them all would be almost impossible without a reliable means of transport. Being a coastal city, Brisbane has a large number of beaches available in nearby areas and these are not effectively serviced by public transport, leaving them out of reach to many holidaymakers. For those relying on buses, trains and taxis, the beautiful coastal surround of Brisbane are relatively inaccessible and the choice between the vibrant city and the beautiful coast is somewhat of a mutually exclusive one. This is not the case with Hughes however; our drivers can have you exploring the exciting inner city suburbs of Brisbane during the morning and enjoying the relaxing ambience of the coast by lunchtime – your options are endless with Hughes.

Limousines for different occasions

Limousines are not limited to business trips, nor are they limited to leisure; a limousine from Hughes can take you anywhere around Brisbane for any occasion. If you are in Brisbane for a holiday and would like to make the most of your time sightseeing, a limousine is perfect for you. With experienced local chauffeurs, you can get a guided sightseeing tour of Brisbane and its surround in comfort and luxury. Likewise, you can travel to the stunning coastal regions at your whim and explore what this beautiful are has to offer. If you are in Brisbane for reasons of business, then Hughes can cater for you too; our drivers know the city well and with offer you reliable transport, to get you where you need to be on time, every time.

The many attractions of Brisbane

Brisbane is an old city with a great deal of history to offer tourists and visitors alike. All of our chauffeurs here at Hughes are well positioned to offer you a local’s perspective of the many historical attractions throughout Brisbane. As well as this, there are many contemporary and modern sights to see, including the internationally acclaimed Gallery of Modern Art, as well as a number of museums and architectural wonders. Simply ask your driver if you are interested in experience Brisbane in depth – they will happily guide you through this rapidly expanding city and you can experience the unique interaction of Brisbane’s history and innovation.

Dining and nightlife in Brisbane

Brisbane has a wide variety of dining opportunities and these are situated from the inner city, to the outer suburbs. The elegant dining locations within Eagle Street Pier are renowned for their culinary innovation, whilst the more casual options throughout Fortitude Valley and the suburbs surrounding the city offer a diverse and inviting fusion of cuisines and culture. With a limousine from Hughes, you can experience all of this and more; our drivers serve to transport you to a restaurant of your choosing and will gladly point you in the right direction if you are lacking in inspiration.

Premium vehicles to elevate your wedding transport

Whether you are looking for a luxury limousine or premium sedan experience or want to move a large group easily and in comfort, Hughes can help. We have vehicle options for 1 – 61 passengers and an extensive fleet to accommodate all your transport needs.

Not sure what vehicle/s suit your needs? Contact our friendly team on 1300 615 165 or to discuss your wedding plans.

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Executive Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our executive sedans are well-appointed for your comfort.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our premium sedans include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium SUVs

Perfect for 1- 3 passengers with up to 5 suitcases, our premium SUVs include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

5 Suitcases

3 Small Bags

People Movers

Perfect for up to 6 passengers with standard luggage, our people movers are luxurious and roomy, with ergonomic design for your comfort.

6 Passengers

6 Suitcases

41 Small Bags

Luxury Minibuses

Perfect for up 9 - 14 passengers with a trailer option for additional luggage, our Mercedes Sprinter minibuses are a luxurious option for groups.

9 - 14 Passengers

Small Coach

Perfect for up 21 - 54 passengers with standard luggage with a trailer option for additional luggage, our air-conditioned, luxury coaches are a great option for larger groups.

21 - 54 Passengers

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re considering hiring our professional chauffeur services for a special occasion or have general inquiries about our offerings, we’ve got you covered. Discover details about our fleet, chauffeur qualifications, booking process, pricing, and more. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer support team, who will be delighted to assist you. Let’s dive into the world of luxurious and reliable transportation services!

What are the different cars available?

At Hughes, we pride ourselves on offering one of the most comprehensive fleets of luxury cars in Australia. In Brisbane, we offer a range of cars including premium and luxury cars from Hyundai, Holden, BMW, Mercedes and more; we even offer a range of luxury people movers.

what are some of your payment options?

To ensure that our customers get the upmost inconvenience, we offer a variety of payment options. You can pay using credit cards, cash or a corporate account. Corporate accounts can be established through our online forms and are typically paid monthly, by way of an invoice or a credit card. Our corporate accounts offer generous corporate rates and can save your business a great deal in the long run.

How many passengers can travel in your limousines?

To account for the needs of all our customers, we offer a variety of luxury cars to suit a variety of passengers. Our premium & executive sedans can seat up to 4 passengers; a range of luxury people movers with seating for up to 7; luxury minibuses with seating for up to 14 and even a coach capable of seating over 50 passengers.

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