Brisbane Airport To Sunshine Coast

Journey: Brisbane Airport To Sunshine Coast

Located a short jump over Moreton Bay, the Sunshine Coast is well-regarded as one of Australia’s premier coastal destinations. White sand beaches seem to occupy the other side of every headland, and they’re complemented by some terrific towns. But if you’re landing at Brisbane airport, how do you get to the Sunshine Coast? There are numerous transport services leaving Brisbane airport every day. Some of them will get you to the Sunshine Coast. However, there is one, in particular, the stands above the rest: transfers from Hughes. At Hughes, we offer private, door to door service. That means you get to your destination in comfort, and without the hassle of having to stop for one passenger after another. Better still, you get a choice of premium and luxury vehicles – all for unrivalled value.

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Executive Sedan

Modern, sophisticated and comprehensively equipped luxury vehicles. The perfect combination of value and style.

250.00 AUD
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Premium Sedan

Big on style and performance, we have some of the world’s truly great sedans including BMW, Mercedes and Audi luxury models.

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Premium SUV

Smooth & luxurious. The Audi Q7 is where sporty and elegant styling combine to create a vehicle of impeccable style with the luggage space that no sedan can match.

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Luxury People Mover

Our luxury people movers include the Mercedes V Class and Viano with features normally associated with premium sedans. Room for 7 passengers and a luggage trailer.

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Luxury Minibus

Ready for your executive, family or group requirements. These multi-purpose vehicles include the Mercedes Sprinter and combine comfort, space and style.

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Sunshine Coast to Brisbane airport travel guide

Getting to the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane airport is a three-step process. First, you need to get through the airport. Then you need to get to the Sunshine Coast. And finally, you need to get around once you’re there! Luckily, Hughes has you covered every step of the way.

Pick Up and Other Information

Time taken: Getting from Brisbane airport to Sunshine Coast

Getting from Brisbane airport to the Sunshine Coast doesn’t take too long. Thanks to Queensland’s busiest highway, it’s a comfortable journey. On average, it takes 75 to 80 minutes. But, as with any major road or highway, traffic might have something to say about that.

Peak Hour Travel Time:

  • Airport to Sunshine Coast – 85 minutes
  • Sunshine Coast to Airport – 100 minutes

Off Peak Travel Time:

  • Airport to Sunshine Coast – 80 minutes
  • Sunshine Coast to Airport – 70 minutes

Touching down and taking off: Your guide to Brisbane airport pick ups and drop offs

Before you get to your airport transfer, you’ll have to negotiate Brisbane airport. Don’t worry though – that’s as easily said as it’s done! Brisbane airport is comprised of two terminals: the domestic and the international. If you’re arriving from interstate, you’ll only need to worry about the domestic terminal. Simply follow the signs to the arrivals hall, and you’ll find yourself right next to the exit. From there, it’s simply a matter of going to the departures and arrivals road adjacent to the terminal. If you’re arriving from overseas, you’ll have to go the level 2 arrivals road to find your Sunshine Coast transfer. If you’re leaving internationally, you’ll have to go the level 4 departures road.

Sunshine Coast: From the beaches to the hinterland

The Sunshine Coast is as diverse a holiday destination as you’ll find anywhere. Its subtropical beaches quickly become cool grassy hills in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. In the same day you can soak in the sun, swim in the surf, and sightsee in the glowing green hinterland forests. In terms of retail and dining opportunities, you have an entire stretch of coastline at your disposal. In it, there’s Caloundra, Cooloola, and the famous Noosa just to name a few. Needless to say, you’ll need reliable transport just to scratch the surface. That’s why a Hughes transfer is the perfect option. We can drop you off and pick you up across the entire Sunshine Coast region.

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Other Transport Options

Alternative arrangements: Other options for your Brisbane airport to Sunshine Coast transfers

If you’ve done some research into your transport option from Brisbane airport, you’ll probably be aware of a few. Brisbane airport is well serviced in terms of transport. But for a longer trip, like that from Brisbane airport to Sunshine Coast, you’ll want the best. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of some different transport options.

Brisbane airport trains: The pros and cons of getting to Sunshine Coast by train

The airtrain is a reliable and well-utilised transport option from Brisbane. With a few connections, it’ll get you to Sunshine Coast, too. And with the ability to remain unaffected by traffic, it’s pretty appealing. However, the airtrain is more expensive than a normal train. And with a few connections thrown in, you’re looking at a hefty fee. In fact, for families and groups, the train fee from Brisbane airport to Sunshine Coast can be prohibitive. That’s why a Hughes transfer is preferable: you get better value, and no stops.

Taxis: Are they a viable option from Brisbane airport to Sunshine Coast?

Taxis are an old airport favourite, but do they have what you need to get from Brisbane airport to Sunshine Coast? Taxis charge using a meter, so longer trips can get very expensive very quickly. You also have no way of knowing for certain how much those trips will cost before hand. With Hughes, though, you get fixed pricing and unrivalled chauffeur service.

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