Journey: Brisbane Airport to Gympie

Brisbane Airport lies about 14km northeast of the city centre, which places it a good 170km south of Gympie.  That doesn’t mean you’re stuck for options, though. There are established public transport routes between Gympie and Brisbane, to cater for the many travellers that pass between the two destinations every week. For example, there are trains and shuttles that can take you from Brisbane to Gympie at reasonable prices. However, they can be time consuming journeys – all public transport options need to make numerous stops, and there are often transfers involved too. A much more direct option is a chauffeured transfer from Hughes. At Hughes we offer twenty four hour transfers from Gympie to Brisbane Airport and vice versa.  Our services are private, and direct, which means that they are among the quickest options available; you won’t be stopping along the way unless you want to.

Our Fleet

Whether you are looking for a luxury limousine or premium sedan experience or want to move a large group easily and in comfort, Hughes can help. We have vehicle options for 1 – 61 passengers and an extensive fleet to accommodate all your transport needs.

Not sure what vehicle’s suit your needs? Contact our friendly team on 1300 615 165 or to discuss your requirements.

Choose your destination

Executive Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our executive sedans are well-appointed for your comfort.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our premium sedans include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium SUVs

Perfect for 1- 3 passengers with up to 5 suitcases, our premium SUVs include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

5 Suitcases

3 Small Bags

People Movers

Perfect for up to 6 passengers with standard luggage, our people movers are luxurious and roomy, with ergonomic design for your comfort.

6 Passengers

6 Suitcases

41 Small Bags

Luxury Minibuses

Perfect for up 9 - 14 passengers with a trailer option for additional luggage, our Mercedes Sprinter minibuses are a luxurious option for groups.

9 - 14 Passengers

Small Coach

Perfect for up 21 - 54 passengers with standard luggage with a trailer option for additional luggage, our air-conditioned, luxury coaches are a great option for larger groups.

21 - 54 Passengers

How long does it take?

The Bruce Highway will take you from Brisbane to Gympie, and when you leave from the airport the highway is just a short distance north. Recent upgrades have meant that travel times between Brisbane Airport and Gympie have improved significantly, so you can expect an average journey of only 115 minutes. Of course, that varies significantly according to traffic conditions, roadworks, and even weather.

If there is a lot of holiday traffic on the highway, then it might take you a bit longer at around 120 minutes. On the other hand, it could take as few as 11 minutes to travel from Brisbane Airport to Gympie on a quiet day.  Regardless of the conditions, though, you can rest assured that a Hughes transfer remains the quickest option available.

Where will you meet your transfer?

When you touch down in Brisbane Airport, your Hughes transfer will be ready and waiting. You just need to get there from your gate. We can pre-arrange to meet you at a convenient location in the airport, such as the arrivals hall, where you will also find your luggage on the carousel. There are no shortage of options, though, with both terminals well serviced by parking areas, waiting bays, and kerbside collection points. There are also disabled access zones for those who need them. To be sure that we are ready when you arrive, we will track your flight and take into account any delays or variations in your arrival time.

What is there to see in Gympie?

Gympie is an iconic regional Queensland town, and it has a lot to offer. It was first made famous when gold was discovered in the area, at which point pioneers flocked to the area with hopes of striking it rich. Many remained, too, when it was discovered to be an easily arable area, with vast expanses suitable for livestock and crops. It’s only thirty minutes from Tin Can Bay, as well, where you can hand-feed dolphins, or simply take in the wonders of the Great Sandy Biosphere.

In fact, the coastal stretches adjacent to Gympie are all listed on the UNESCO register of world conservation sites. For a bit of culture, just head 25km up the road to Amamoor, where you’ll find Australia’s largest outdoor country music festival: the National Music Muster.