Adelaide Airport to Barossa Valley

You can’t think of Adelaide without at least a fleeting thought for Barossa Valley. Home to some of the finest wines in not just Australia, but the world, Barossa Valley captures the imagination of locals and tourists alike. But if you’re flying into Adelaide Airport with Barossa Valley in mind, you’ve got some ground to cover. Both destinations are about 75km apart, which means many conventional forms of transport just won’t be suitable. Taxis will offer unpredictable pricing, which may be out of your budget. Public transport will simply take too long, with numerous stops to collect and deposit other passengers. Hire cars are an option, but they aren’t the best idea for those looking to enjoy wine country. That leaves the best option: a chauffeured transfer from Hughes. Our professional drivers work at all times of the day and night, and offer door to door service from Adelaide Airport to Barossa Valley. Our prices are on par with most alternatives, and our service is second to none.

Barossa Valley to Adelaide Airport – your guide

If you’re looking to pack as much into your Barossa Valley trip as possible, then you’ll need an airtight itinerary. And you can’t create that without a clear idea of what is in store for you. To help you out, we’ve collected a few of the insights we’ve gained over the years into a handy travel guide. Here’s what you need to know.

Pick Up and Other Information

The distance

At 75km, the trip from Adelaide Airport to Barossa Valley is likely to take about 70 minutes on average. However, it’s important to remember that Adelaide is a capital city, and travel times can vary depending on traffic conditions, road works, and even weather. We generally like to allow 80 minutes for the trip between Barossa Valley and Adelaide Airport, just to be on the safe side. But if you select flights outside of peak tourist season, and outside of the daily peak hour, then you could enjoy a trip of just 60 minutes if you book with Hughes. Our drivers have local experience, and they know the conditions well. When you travel with us, you get transport via the quickest and most direct route possible.

Arriving and departing

Adelaide Airport is one of the smaller capital city airports in Australia, but don’t let that fool you. It has international facilities that place it on par with any other airport in Australia. If your flight isn’t departing for another hour, then you can enjoy transit facilities, shopping opportunities, dining destinations, or even just free Wi-Fi. If you’re arriving at Adelaide Airport, then you needn’t worry about navigating the terminals. Unlike a lot of major airports in the country, Adelaide Airport has only one passenger terminal, which services both domestic and international flights. That means you simply need to make your way to the arrivals hall, collect your baggage, and step into your waiting Limousines.

Barossa Valley: the sights

Barossa Valley has inspired generations of Australians and wine connoisseurs alike with its unique wines. It is particularly well known for its bold shiraz varietals, but it is also a well regard producer of some lighter kinds of grape too. With a chorus call of famous names originating in the area – including Penfold’s Grange – Barossa Valley is sure to match your expectations regardless of which wines you prefer. In fact, to celebrate its history, Barossa hosts the Vintage Festival every second year. For those who are less wine focused, the area has plenty in the way of gourmet local produce, thanks to its fertile volcanic soil. In recognition of that, the Barossa Gourmet weekend is held every third weekend of August each year.

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