Journey: Perth Airport To Subiaco

Perth Airport is the main transport hub of Western Australia, handling thousands of travellers every week. It’s roughly ten kilometres east of Perth’s CBD, and about 17 kilometres east of Subiaco, which takes about 22 minutes to drive by far.

As a major international airport, there are tons of transport options to Subiaco, including buses, trains, taxis, and ride share options. But for a high-quality and convenient travel option, Hughes Limousines can pick you up from the designated spot at the airport, and take the quickest route to your destination in Subiaco. Our goal is to provide you with a transport option that is luxurious, comfortable, and stress-free, so that your stay in Perth can be as enjoyable as possible.

We have a fleet of vehicles that covers groups of all sizes, from solo travellers to groups of up to 20. We also passionately support the environment, so fill our fleet with modern, fuel-efficient vehicles and electric cars, so that our carbon footprint is minimal.

You can book a Hughes’ vehicle on our website, or by calling us. The app is the most convenient way to book, allowing you to easily make changes to your booking, and track your vehicle’s location kilometre by kilometre. We take bookings 24/7, and because our fleet is so vast, will always be available to pick you up.

Our Fleet

Whether you are looking for a luxury limousine or premium sedan experience or want to move a large group easily and in comfort, Hughes can help. We have vehicle options for 1 – 61 passengers and an extensive fleet to accommodate all your transport needs.

Not sure what vehicle’s suit your needs? Contact our friendly team on 1300 615 165 or to discuss your requirements.

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Executive Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our executive sedans are well-appointed for your comfort.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our premium sedans include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium SUVs

Perfect for 1- 3 passengers with up to 5 suitcases, our premium SUVs include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

5 Suitcases

3 Small Bags

People Movers

Perfect for up to 6 passengers with standard luggage, our people movers are luxurious and roomy, with ergonomic design for your comfort.

6 Passengers

6 Suitcases

41 Small Bags

Luxury Minibuses

Perfect for up 9 - 14 passengers with a trailer option for additional luggage, our Mercedes Sprinter minibuses are a luxurious option for groups.

9 - 14 Passengers

Small Coach

Perfect for up 21 - 54 passengers with standard luggage with a trailer option for additional luggage, our air-conditioned, luxury coaches are a great option for larger groups.

21 - 54 Passengers

Getting from Perth Airport To Subiaco

As a city suburb, travel time from Perth Airport to Subiaco varies depending on the time of day you’re travelling. Off peak hours take about 22 minutes to travel between them, and rush hour takes around 35 minutes on average, but can easily extend to 45 minutes if there’s heavy traffic. If you’re travelling for an important meeting, be sure to give yourself plenty of time.

Perth Airport terminals

Perth Airport is a huge complex with four passenger terminals, catering for both domestic and international flights.

Terminal 1 provides domestic and international flights, for Emirates, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Virgin Australia (including interstate and regional services). This terminal is split into four levels:

  • The ground floor: the airport’s arrival and departure halls.
  • Level 1: the information counter, and outboard immigration
  • Level 2: airline lounges for Emirates, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, and Singapore Airlines.
  • Level 3: restrooms

Terminal 2 offers domestic flights with Virgin, REX Airlines, and Alliance Airline. Terminals 3 and 4 provide flights for Qantas and Jetstar.

Perth Airport parking and pick-up

Perth Airport has a variety of parking options:

  • Long Term Parking: perfect if you’re parking for longer than a day. Available at all four terminals.
  • Outdoor Long Term Car Park: this is also good for long-term parks, but is a much cheaper option that requires a short five-minute shuttle journey to the terminal, which runs from 4:30am to 11:20pm.
  • Short Term Parking: this is suited to hourly parks, and is close to the check-in terminal.
  • Fast Track Business Parking: this is best for business travellers who want to park as close as possible to the terminal (just a one-minute walk away).
  • Regional Terminal Parking: this parking is best for those travelling with Cobham, Maroomba, or Skippers and Networks.

These are the pick-up and drop-off options:

  • Pick-up and drop-off bays: these bays are for immediate picking up and dropping off of passengers. They’ll need to be ready to go when you arrive.
  • Park and wait: free parking for up to an hour in the Long Term Car Park, or $10 for a four-hour stay.
  • Express pick up and drop-off: bays in T2 where you can wait for five minutes to pick someone up.

Perth Airport facilities

Perth Airport is a huge complex with great facilities. There’s the usual shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, and plenty of airline lounges to relax in. There’s also free showers, baggage storage, and postal services if you need to ship something.

As with most Australian airports, there’s free Wi-Fi in every public area, so that you don’t have to worry about your data.


Subiaco is a Western Perth suburb known for its trendy boutique shops and stylish cafes. It’s home to the historic Regal Theatre, which opened back in the 1930s and is host to live music and comedy. There’s also the Subiaco Arts Centre—a space for exhibits, plays, and the occasional rock band.

Subiaco is a cultural delight, and if you’re planning on staying in the suburb anytime soon, we can take care of your transportation needs and make your trip as comfortable and convenient as possible.