Journey: Melbourne Airport to Williamstown

Melbourne airport sits 23km from the CBD. That means the question of transport looms large for most travellers who pass through Melbourne airport. That is especially so for those whose final destination is Williamstown. So what transport options are there between Melbourne airport and Williamstown? Of course, there are the usual suspects: buses, taxis, trains, and hire cars. However, none offer the comfort, reliability, and value for money of a transfer with Hughes.

At Hughes, we deliver door to door service, at any time of day or night. Our professional chauffeurs are punctual as well, which means you won’t be left waiting for your lift to arrive. So forget about queueing at a taxi rank, or shuffling between bus stops. Go with a Hughes transfer for your next trip from Melbourne airport to Williamstown.

Our Fleet

Whether you are looking for a luxury limousine or premium sedan experience or want to move a large group easily and in comfort, Hughes can help. We have vehicle options for 1 – 61 passengers and an extensive fleet to accommodate all your transport needs.

Not sure what vehicle’s suit your needs? Contact our friendly team on 1300 615 165 or to discuss your requirements.

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Executive Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our executive sedans are well-appointed for your comfort.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium Sedans

Perfect for 1-3 passengers with minimal luggage, our premium sedans include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

2 Suitcases

2 Small Bags

Premium SUVs

Perfect for 1- 3 passengers with up to 5 suitcases, our premium SUVs include the latest prestige models with top of the line features.

3 Passengers

5 Suitcases

3 Small Bags

People Movers

Perfect for up to 6 passengers with standard luggage, our people movers are luxurious and roomy, with ergonomic design for your comfort.

6 Passengers

6 Suitcases

41 Small Bags

Luxury Minibuses

Perfect for up 9 - 14 passengers with a trailer option for additional luggage, our Mercedes Sprinter minibuses are a luxurious option for groups.

9 - 14 Passengers

Small Coach

Perfect for up 21 - 54 passengers with standard luggage with a trailer option for additional luggage, our air-conditioned, luxury coaches are a great option for larger groups.

21 - 54 Passengers

Travel times in Melbourne: Airport to Williamstown and back

Travel times are often at the fore of our passengers’ minds. It’s easy to see why, too. Transport in Melbourne is subject to the changeable traffic conditions. It may be quiet one minute, and busy the next! Still, even in peak hour, it normally takes a Hughes transfer just 35 minutes to get from Melbourne airport to Williamstown. If it’s not peak hour, you can enjoy an even quicker trip.

Peak Hour Travel Time:

Airport to Williamstown – 45 minutes
Williamstown to airport – 45 minutes

Off-Peak Travel Time:

Airport to Williamstown – 30 minutes
Williamstown to airport – 30 minutes


Melbourne airport: Getting a transfer to Williamstown from one of the country’s busiest airports

When you touch down in Melbourne airport, you’re touching down in one of the busiest airports in Australia. Luckily, that doesn’t mean it’s harder to find your way around. In fact, Melbourne airport at Tullamarine is very practically laid out. The airport consists of four terminals, each hosting its own carriers and services. Across the entire airport, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi, as well a host of dining, entertainment, and retail opportunities. In terms of finding your ride to Williamstown, there are options. Melbourne airport has a range of pick up and drop off zones, all within close proximity to the terminals. Needless to say, getting around isn’t hard!

Williamstown: Where to go and what to do when your Melbourne airport transfer arrives

Williamstown combines all the modern attractions of Melbourne, with a quieter community feel. That is demonstrated nowhere better than the Williamstown Festival. The festival is a celebration of all that makes Williamstown unique, and it’s well worth a visit if it coincides with your time in the city. In addition to the festival, Williamstown boasts an array of tempting dining opportunities. Perhaps its biggest claim, though, is historical in nature. Williamstown was Victoria’s first port settlement, and that shows to this day. It proudly displays its heritage in an iconic maritime museum, which showcases much of what makes Williamstown what it is today.