Melbourne Airport to Frankston

Melbourne Airport is one of the biggest in Australia, with four separate terminals within it. It’s about 23km northwest of the Melbourne CBD, which places it about 77km from Frankston. Getting from Melbourne Airport to Frankston is easy, though. There are plenty of public transport options, including trams and buses. There are also taxis and hire cars on offer, as well. However, those options are not without their shortfalls. Taxis are quite expensive over longer distances. Hire cars can be too, and require a good knowledge of the local area. Then there’s public transport, which is often time-consuming.

So what’s the best travel option from Melbourne Airport to Frankston? A Hughes transfer! At Hughes, we take pride in offering the best value transfers from Melbourne Airport to Frankston, and back. We have a fleet of premium and luxury vehicles, from which you can choose. We operate at any time of day or night, as well, so you won’t be left without transport options.

Executive Sedan

Modern, sophisticated and comprehensively equipped luxury vehicles. Perfect combination of value and style.

  • $ 264 AUD
  • 1-3
  • 2
  • 2

Premium European Sedan

Big on style and performance, we have some of the world’s truly great sedans including BMW, Mercedes and Audi luxury models.

  • $ 285 AUD
  • 1-3
  • 2
  • 2

Luxury SUV

Smooth & luxurious. The Audi Q7 is where sporty and elegant styling combine to create a vehicle of impeccable style with the luggage space that no sedan can match.

  • $ 285 AUD
  • 1-4
  • 4
  • 4

Luxury People Mover

Our luxury people movers include the Mercedes V Class and Viano with features normally associated with premium sedans. Room for 7 passengers and a luggage trailer.

  • $ 350 AUD
  • 4-7
  • Trailer

Luxury Van

Designed for convenience and generous space these vehicles include ergonomic design and exceptional flexibility for long or short excursions.

  • $ 485 AUD
  • 8-12
  • Trailer

Luxury Minibus

Ready for your executive, family or group requirements. These multi-purpose vehicles include the Mercedes Sprinter and combine comfort, space and style.

  • $ 534 AUD
  • 13-20
  • Trailer

Luxury Small Coach

Perfect for groups up to 27 people, our luxury small coaches are a new way to experience group travel. Enjoy luxurious leather seating with plenty of space.

  • $ 642 AUD
  • 21-27
  • Trailer

Luxury Mid Sized Coach

When you have a few more in your group, up size to our mid sized coaches for 28-33 people.

  • $ 714 AUD
  • 28-33
  • Trailer

Luxury Coach

Luxury finally meets size. Come and experience our market-leading large coach service. Fantastic coach drivers perfectly match our new fleet of coaches.

  • $ 950 AUD
  • 34-53
  • Trailer

Frankston to Melbourne Airport – A travel guide

Of course, not everyone has been from Melbourne Airport to Frankston before. For those who haven’t, here’s a quick overview.

Pick Up and Other Information

Getting from Melbourne Airport to Frankston – On and off peak hour

Travel times: they form the basis of air and road travel. They also form the backbone of your travel plans. So let’s have a quick look at how long it usually takes to get from Melbourne Airport to Frankston. Outside of peak travel times, it takes about 70 minutes to get from Frankston to Melbourne Airport – and vice versa.  However, during peak hours these times can vary slightly.

Peak Hour Travel Time:

Airport to Frankston – 85 minutes
Frankston to airport – 85 minutes

Off-Peak Travel Time:

Airport to Frankston – 65 minutes
Frankston to airport – 65 minutes

Melbourne Airport – Here are your options to get to your Frankston transfer

Melbourne Airport is large and busy, with four terminals comprising it. Understandably, it can seem trick to get from one part of the airport to another. However, in reality it’s very well set-out. The airport is easily navigated, and there are plenty of pick up and drop off points around each terminal. That means you won’t be far from your Hughes transfer. And when you arrive, we will be waiting for you in our pre-arranged meeting space.

Of course, if you arrive early, you won’t be bored. Melbourne airport has a wide variety of facilities on offer. There are restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues within the airport precinct. There’s also Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can remain connected. Melbourne Airport has a well-deserved international reputation – see for yourself!

Frankston: There’s plenty on offer before you return to Melbourne Airport!

Frankston is located about 41km east of the Melbourne CBD. That location has earned it the name of ‘gateway to the Mornington Peninsula.’ Well-known throughout Melbourne for its beaches, and overall vibrance, Frankston is a popular destination in its own right. Frankston Beach is, in fact, one of the most frequented in Victoria. And that’s quite an achievement, considering the abundance of beautiful coastline in the state.

In addition to its coastal attractions, Frankston also has a bustling arts and music scene. It occupies a special place in the heart of Melbourne’s renowned creative community. So take some time to see the sights when you’re in Frankston. You can do so in the knowledge that your Hughes transfer can collect you from anywhere around Frankston. Whatever the time, Hughes will be there to meet your transportation needs.

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#1 Does the transfer from Melbourne Airport to Frankston often get delayed by traffic?

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city. With a population of close to five million people, traffic is always going to be a potential issue. However, Melbourne is also a very well established city. Its infrastructure is terrific, and it caters for its significant population very effectively. Of course, during peak hour, there is still congestion. Generally, it is most concentrated around the CBD. Nevertheless, arterial roads between Melbourne Airport and Frankston can become crowded, and even congested during peak times. Fortunately, though, your travel time shouldn’t be majorly affected. We normally anticipate an increase in travel time of around 15-25 minutes.

#2 Is there a lot of nightlife on offer around Melbourne Airport and Frankston? 

Melbourne Airport may not be known for its nightlife in the conventional sense. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing on offer. Those travelling on later flights can still enjoy a range of dining and entertainment options in Melbourne Airport. Whether you enjoy one of the several airport bars, or grab a bite to eat, you’ll be well catered for in Melbourne Airport after dark. Similarly, in Frankston, there is a smorgasbord of nightlife, including dining and entertainment. Frankston might be 41km from the Melbourne CBD, but it continues to carry that distinctly Melbourne cultural edge. There’s live music on offer, as well as dining until late. There are numerous entertainment venues, as well, that cater for a wide range of interests.

#3 Can Hughes take large groups from Melbourne Airport to Frankston?

At Hughes, we aim to service the airport transport needs of all our customers. Whether you’re travelling alone, or with a large group, we have options for you. Notably, our fleet includes a range of premium and luxury sedans, with seating for up to four. Then we have premium and luxury people movers, with seating for up to twelve people. And if you’re travelling in an even larger group, we can accommodate you as well. We have coaches on offer for special events.

Whatever your needs, get in touch. Our team will do all we can to make sure that you’re taken care of in your trip from Melbourne Airport to Frankston. For bookings, simply follow the prompts under the booking tabs on our website. We will be in contact as soon as possible to confirm your booking. All we need from you, are the details of your trip, the number of passengers, and some contact information. We’ll take care of the rest!

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