Travelling with children can be difficult enough without having to worry about how to get to and from the airport without their baby capsule, baby seat or booster seat.

At Hughes we have taken the stress out of this part of your journey by supplying baby capsules, baby seats or booster seats so you can travel with the peace of mind that your child is as safe as possible in one of our vehicles.

The chauffeur will arrive at your pickup location with the car seat already installed and encourage you to check the installation to ensure you are comfortable prior to departing.

Although in many states of Australia a baby or toddler can travel in a taxi without the requirement of a child restraint, it is proven without doubt that a baby or child is many times safer in a child restraint as opposed to out of one.

Hughes continually update their stock of baby capsules, baby seats and booster seats from only the most reputable retailers. Hughes also ensure these seats arrive to you in pristine condition, exactly the same as the vehicle, so you and your child feel as relaxed and comfortable in our seats as you would in your own.

Hughes charges a very small one off fee for the installation and hiring of a baby capsule, baby seat or booster seat regardless of how many you require. Therefore if you are travelling with multiple children there is only one fee to pay which will be added to your overall transfer cost.

Enjoy peace of mind when travelling with children by booking a Hughes transfer today.