Whether you are an executive assistant, personal assistant, or business figure, corporate travel is centred on one thing:reliability.

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Self Service Booking

Manage and amend bookings with ease through our self-service booking portal.

SMS Alerts & GPS

SMS alerts 30 minutes prior to driver arrival, along with GPS tracking.

Corporate Rates

Specialised rates guarantee you’re getting the best in corporate transport.

Executive Assistants & Personal Assistants

Reliability is the foundation of a well-run business trip, and in terms of priorities, a reliable transport option is the foremost. Yet, at times, reliable transport seems almost impossible to find. But with Hughes, that needn’t be the case. At Hughes, we believe accessibility is the key to reliability; which is one of the many insights we have gained over 113 years of service. Our highly trained professional chauffeurs make themselves personally available to you. Whether you are an EA, PA or corporate traveller, you will never be more than a phone call away from your driver. In fact, at Hughes, we have 24-hour office contact. This extends to our fleets and offices across all major ports in Australia and New Zealand. Executive and personal assistants can manage and amend their bookings with ease through our self-service booking portal. Better still, we send SMS alerts 30 minutes prior to our arrival and offer GPS tracking.

Luxury vehicles, flexible payment options, and specialised corporate rates, you can guarantee that you’re getting the best in corporate transport.

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Luxury Style & Discretion

Reliability isn’t the only important aspect of corporate travel. Comfort, style, and discretion also warrant consideration, and here at Hughes, our fleet of premium and luxury vehicles offers all that and more. As Australia’s oldest and most prestigious chauffeur company, we know what our corporate clients need, and we know how to deliver. We also know how important it is to adapt. That is why we now have a secure online portal, through which you can book and manage transport across the country. With Hughes, confirmation is little more than the touch of a button away.

Flawless Experience

Despite our commitment to adaptation, we remain deeply connected to the traditions of chauffeuring. As a part of this, our drivers are dressed formally in corporate attire, and highly trained on the traditions of their trade. This luxury of transport is matched with our online management portal to provide a monthly invoice of transfers. Complete with a breakdown of jobs and charges, this enhances the convenience of your accounts management. To complement the service, you get a personal accounts manager, who will ensure that your experience is nothing short of flawless.

Reliability Guaranteed

We have no doubt your busy schedule leaves you with little time to deal with unreliable transport companies. So don’t take any chances; contact Hughes for the highest standard of corporate travel. Everything from comfort and discretion, to reliability and convenience, is guaranteed. Simply make a booking or lodge an enquiry through our website – it’s that easy.

#1 Can I receive a tax invoice after every transfer?

Yes – you can open a Global Credit Card account, whereby your nominated credit card for each transfer will be
charged upon the completion of each job.

#2 Can I make an online booking?

You certainly can; when you open an account with us, you will have access to your own client portal. From there, you can manage all of your bookings with ease.

#3 Can I arrange to have the same chauffeur for each booking?

We can set up your profile to indicate your preference of driver. This allows us to do everything possible to ensure that your chauffeur of choice is allocated.

#4 Can I get my chauffer’s details at the time of booking?

We can provide you with the details of your chauffeur approximately 30 mins prior to the time of collection. Our system sends an SMS to your mobile, which includes a GPS tracking link and complete chauffeur and vehicle details. Additionally, with our online portal, your chauffeur’s details will be available as soon as the chauffeur is allocated.

#5 Do you have different sized vehicles that I can book?

We have a fleet of luxury and premium vehicles that include sedans, SUV’s, people movers and a range of buses & coaches. You can peruse our range of vehicles online through our Fleet section.

#6 What is the lead time for a booking?

The lead time for each booking is approximately two hours prior to collection. However, if something more urgent is required, we can generally accommodate. If this is the case, we suggest calling your local Hughes office for the most efficient response.

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