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Introduction TraffAcct is a network traffic accounting package designed to simplify the process of tracking and billing network usage. The software is distributed as "OpenSource" software under the terms of the GNU Public License.

TraffAcct can be used to monitor the traffic usage of many network interfaces include Ethernet, serial, ATM, and Frame Relay. It can also be used to account for traffic on virtual connections such as Dialup ISDN, IP Accounting, and VPDN connections (adsl for example).

This product runs on UNIX / Linux platforms and is not suitable for Windows.

User Comments "iExec uses TraffAcct as a primary usage tracking system, it tracks over 400 DSL links and 200 other connections, users have access to their own stats. iExec relies on this software quite heavily. Top work." - Ben Cornish, Technical Op's Manager, iExec.com.au

Current Version The current release is TraffAcct 1.5 released on 8 Jan 2003. Download it here. The release notes and history are also available.

Support The complete TraffAcct manual is available online as a PDF document. Support is available in the TraffAcct mailing list

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