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Mini SQL is our light-weight SQL Database engine technology. First developed in 1994, the release of mSQL 3 marks the third generation of the software. The generation 3 series provides new features that make mSQL even more suited to both large scale applications and resource constrained embedded environments. Better performance, more efficient memory use, and fantastic portability are just some of the benefits provided by Mini SQL 3.

Our database technology has been incorporated into products from companies such as HP, Cisco, Tandem, Cray, EDS, TRW, General Electric, and Real Networks. If your product needs a light weight data storage solution please contact us about our OEM licensing.

mSQL 3 mSQL 3.11 was release on 1 Jun 2012. You can download your copy here! The on-line manual is available in the Library.

Purchase mSQL
You can purchase your mSQL license here .

Interested in redistributing mSQL with your product? Please contact us using info@Hughes.com.au.

Archive Previous releases of mSQL are available in the software archive.

Support Product support for Mini SQL is available from the mailing list.

Info Details of specific releases can be found in the Release Notes. General info on the differences between mSQL 2 and mSQL 3 can be found in this document.

Mini SQL light weight relational database engine. OEM redistribution. mSQL client server. Embedded system applications.

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