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Looking for some further reading? Need an in-depth text to get you on your way? Listed below are some books that will help you jump ahead of the learning curve. All these books are available on-line, right now, from amazon.com. You can also use this search box to find other titles of interest.
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Mini SQL creator David Hughes teams with Brian Jepson to provide the official guide to Mini SQL 2.0. Providing a history and the introductory basics, this book probes into the core features of Mini SQL. This in-depth look gives readers all the information necessary to develop sophisticated Internet and Intranet applications using the Mini SQL relational database engine. .
This book is all you need to make use of MySQL or mSQL, two popular, easy-to-use databases for UNIX and Linux systems that support key subsets of SQL. Anyone who knows some basic C, Java, Perl, or Python can quickly write a program to interact with a database. This book takes you through the whole process, from installation and configuration to programming interfaces and basic administration. Includes reference chapters and ample tutorial material.
Database programming is going to be one of the major uses of the Java language. In this book, database authority Brian Jepson teaches how to design and create Java database applications that can be used throughout the Web and on corporate intranets. Jepson covers the topics crucial to Java database development, including Java applet access to online databases, Java database tools, and more.
"Learning Perl" is ideal for system administrators, programmers, and anyone else wanting a down-to-earth introduction to this useful language. Written by a Perl trainer, its aim is to make a competent, hands-on Perl programmer out of the reader as quickly as possible. The book takes a tutorial approach and includes hundreds of short code examples, along with some lengthy ones.
An essential technical programming reference for Web sites. In concise, clear language, this book explains how to write CGI programs to implement dynamic documents that provide interactivity and multimedia features for Web sites using UNIX-based HTTP servers. The CD contains scripts ready to plug into the reader's web site, including the CGI-C library.

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